Andrea Fanan

Andrea Fanan was born in Torino in 1975, to a Piedmontese mother and Venetian father. His family moved to Guarene (CN), just after Andrea’s birth.

After secondary school, he decides to follow in his mother footsteps and attends the hairdressing school in Torino with great results.

Then his career begins at a renowned salon in Alba (CN), where he grows professionally during a 10-years experience. In 2000 it’s the time of “Turnover”, a salon he founded and managed with a partner until 2003. That’s when he finally inaugurates his own salon: “Andrea Fanan”, where he can express the creativity, technique and skills that define his style.

In recent years, he’s often attended, between work duties, short apprenticeships in London, New York, Barcelona, Dublin and Paris.



After more than 9 years with Andrea, Francesco one of the managers of the AF Team Salon in Piazza Savona. Always cheerful and dynamic, he takes care of teenagers’ styles, he does haircuts for men and women, hair color, naturopathy, hair tattoos for children.


One of the managers of AF Team Salon, she’s versatile, professional and talented. Stefania is an expert image consultant and a great hairdresser. She can fulfill any role, from women treatment technician to haircut for men. She’s a great hairdryer.


For many years responsible of technical treatments for women (style consultancy, color service, meches, perms), Elisa is delicate, cheerful and professional.


Despite her young age, Mary joined us with 3 years of experience. She’s gritty, modest and talented, always hungry for new things to learn. She works eclectically both at women techniques (with a special inclination towards hair drying), and men styles.


Cheerful and professional, she’s a key person in the salon. She deals with women techniques (image consultancy, color services, meches, perms), and she’s an expert in drying techniques.


Ivette is responsible for welcoming customers in the salon. She’s managed reception and appointments for more than 10 years. She’s funny, eccentric and stylish, always smiling, and she’s a great entertainer, especially with kids.


Expert in hair color, she’s great at identifying and applying the right color for each customer, in a way that enhances her style, traits, beauty and face features. She’s trained in choosing the right nuances and skilled in advanced coloring techniques.